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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.6

Python SDK Guide

Using the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Python SDK

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This guide describes Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization's Python Software Development Kit.
I. The Python Sofware Development Kit
1. Overview
1.1. Prerequisites
1.2. Installing the Python Software Development Kit
2. Python Quick Start Example
2.1. Python Quick Start Introduction
2.2. Example: Accessing the API Entry Point using Python
2.3. Example: Listing the Data Center Collection using Python
2.4. Example: Listing the Cluster Collection using Python
2.5. Example: Listing the Logical Networks Collection using Python
2.6. Example: Listing the Host Collection using Python
2.7. Example: Listing the ISO Files in an ISO Storage Domain
2.8. Example: Listing the Size of a Virtual Machine
2.9. Example: Approving a Host using Python
2.10. Example: Creating NFS Data Storage using Python
2.11. Example: Creating NFS ISO Storage using Python
2.12. Example: Attaching Storage Domains to a Data Center using Python
2.13. Example: Activating Storage Domains using Python
2.14. Example: Creating a Virtual Machine using Python
2.15. Example: Creating a Virtual Machine NIC using Python
2.16. Example: Creating a Virtual Machine Storage Disk using Python
2.17. Example: Attaching an ISO Image to a Virtual Machine using Python
2.18. Example: Detaching a Disk using Python
2.19. Example: Starting a Virtual Machine using Python
2.20. Example: Starting a Virtual Machine with Overridden Parameters using Python
2.21. Example: Starting a Virtual Machine with Cloud-Init using Python
2.22. Example: Checking System Events using Python
3. Using the Software Development Kit
3.1. Connecting to the API using Python
3.2. Resources and Collections
3.3. Retrieving Resources from a Collection
3.4. Retrieving a Specific Resource from a Collection
3.5. Retrieving a List of Resources from a Collection
3.6. Adding a Resource to a Collection
3.7. Updating a Resource in a Collection
3.8. Removing a Resource from a Collection
3.9. Handling Errors
4. Python Reference Documentation
4.1. Python Reference Documentation
A. Revision History